MIS implemented a Cisco Meraki Wireless network.  MIS installed new wiring into classrooms in order to completely revamp their wireless infrastructure.  Due to recent investments in switches MIS utilized POE injectors in order to allow the customer to utilize the new recent acquisition of their HP ProCurve switches. 

St. Luke’s Episcopal School suffered from the failings of an extremely outdated and underperforming wireless network.

The school's adminsitration upgraded switches, but their wireless system plagued them by remaining unacceptable for student use.  Our MIS support team surveyed the campus and determined their suitability for new systems and technologies.  Through knowledge and expertise, our staff was able to remain within their budget and eliminate waste by utilizing repurposed existing equipment. 

Solution Process

As part of the solution process, MIS implemented a Cisco Meraki Wireless network and installed new wiring into classrooms, to completely revamp the wireless infrastructure. Taking into account the school's recent switches investment, MIS utilized POE injectors to allow customer utilization of the new HP Procurve switches.

The new network was designed as a fluid structure, capable of future expansion and deployment of 24 new Cisco Meraki access points.


With this upgrade, the campus could now use the iPads that the school had previously not been able to utilize properly. 

Their primary firewall was also upgraded to Cisco Meraki MX80.

The extremely flexible, cloud-controlled MX security appliance and wireless access points give the school incredible stability and ease of use. Cisco cloud devices allow MIS to completely monitor and support the devices remotely with next to zero effort.  

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