MIS built and maintains a robust enterprise wireless network infrastructure that has over 450 wireless access points spread over 7 schools.  MIS is a Cisco partner who’s expertise in switching and wireless offer exceptional results for Zachary Community Schools. 
When  MIS Technology Group began working with Catholic of Pointe Coupee in 2009, we encountered an organization whose systems had not been cared for and managed properly.  Our team took over support work, dispatching employees on a regular basis to resolve chronic issues and ensure their success. 
MIS was hired to install two new HP servers and a HP MSA SAN.  All of the equipment was used to build a new virtual environment with high availability.  MIS then  decommissioned the existing eight physical domain controllers and simplified to an all virtual server environment.
MIS Technology Group has been a trusted partner of RKM Primary Care since 2007.  MIS supports 200 employees accross 5 different parishes in providing secure computing resources for their clinics.
MIS Technology Group provides a wide variety of services to the City of Zachary and all of its departments.   MIS support staff works with each department in order to make sure all users needs are met.  
MIS implemented a Cisco Meraki Wireless network.  MIS installed new wiring into classrooms in order to completely revamp their wireless infrastructure.  Due to recent investments in switches MIS utilized POE injectors in order to allow the customer to utilize the new recent acquisition of their HP ProCurve switches. 
St. Michael's infrastructure required a complete overhall to support their technological advancements. Their original wireless network was predominately comprised of consumer based access points which were spread throughout the school providing unacceptable conditions. 

MIS completely redesigned the network through the installation of two VMware hosts, new domain controllers,  and the replacement of all the switching and wireless infrastructure. 

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