Case Study Zachary Community Schools

Zachary Community School District

MIS built and maintains a robust enterprise wireless network infrastructure that has over 450 wireless access points spread over 7 schools.  MIS is a Cisco partner whose expertise in switching and wireless offers exceptional results for Zachary Community Schools. 


Zachary Community School District selected MIS Technoloy Group in 2003 at the onset of the district's creation.

Zachary Community School District became the No. 1 rated district in the state of Louisiana by following through on its vision to serve as a model of excellence.

MIS was selected to be the technical support and help advance the vision of the ZCSD. 

MIS is solely responsible for all technology support-related items for the district and has continually evolved alongside ZCSD, since the initial establishment of the client relationship 14 years ago.

As a servant of a highly-respected organization, MIS is dedicated to the provision of the most advanced, academic technologies, in order to better serve the students and future leaders of our region.


Over 600 personnel and 5000 students

MIS provides all services from daily, end-user support to network server infrastructure support and planning. Our support team maintains thousands of laptops and desktops for over 600 personnel and 5000 students.  We utilize VMware VSphere to maintain a robust virtualization environment, which runs over 50 servers connected to a SAN for high availability and performance.

Office 365 system

Our staff implemented a full-featured Office 365 system for all teachers and students, which serves as the primary communication and collaboration medium for all teachers and students.

The robust enterprise wireless network infrastructure which MIS built has over 450 wireless access points spread over seven schools.

MIS' activity as Cisco partner offers exceptional results for ZCSD through expertise in switching and wireless systems. Our team specifically engineered this system to meet innovative, digital standards for student learning environments.

To this day,  Zachary schools continue to experience successful testing experiences, aided by the efforts employed by MIS in the maintenance of equipment and wireless networks

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