All of our experts are Cisco-certified and have a proven track record of resolving hardware failures, software configuration problems, or errors.

Cisco Wireless and Networking

Our MIS roster of experts boasts encompassing experience in planning, design, and implementation of on-site enterprise-level networks. 

We understand the importance of network architecture – an organization's lifeline – and are on standby to assist with all hardware and software maintenance, networking, access control, security, and upgrades to guarantee uninterrupted access of company data. Our team of certified experts has field experience with all network levels– LAN, multiple location WANs, VPNs, as well as outdoor wireless mesh implementations. 

The MIS process saves companies time and money by providing a secure, reliable, and hassle-free alternatives through 24/7 IT support that resolves network issues in real time. All team members are Cisco-certified, with proven resolution track records for hardware failures, software configuration problems, or user errors.

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