Case Study St. Michael The Archangel

St. Michael The Archangel

St. Michael's infrastructure required a complete overhaul to support their technological advancements. Their original wireless network was predominately comprised of consumer-based access points which were spread throughout the school providing unacceptable conditions. 


St. Michael The Archangel High School is a long-time MIS client and supporter.

With over nine years of support work engagement with MIS, St. Michael's is able to continue to serve a diverse community of students through the school's mission of academic and spiritual success.

"1 to 1" laptop computer initiative

St. Michael's required an infrastructure to support a "1 to 1" laptop computer initiative, which required a modern and robust network to support the technology advancements.

The school's network was originally and predominately comprised consumer-grade access points spread throughout the school.


The MIS team completely redesigned the network.

Our support staff installed 2 VMware hosts, building all new domain controllers. MIS Staff also completely replaced all the switching and wireless infrastructure.

The school deployed all new CAT6A cabling in order to provide for any future expanse to 10Gbps.

Newly updated fiber backbones, installed with 50 Micron fiber were also implemented to support 10 Gbps.

Wireless access points were deployed through the entire campus giving the entire campus a solid blanket coverage of wireless signals.

For the 2017 school year, the school's fiber backbones were upgraded to 10 Gbps as part of a planned upgrade from the original project.

Cisco Meraki access points were installed to support the new MU-MIMO 802.11AC Wave 2 Standard.  The proven MIS project approach continues to pave the way for consistent, and budget-friendly upgrades.

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