Tier 1 Cloud Service Partner

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, MIS Technology Group is poised to deliver only the most highly-skilled consulting services specializing in Cloud Productivity. As a Tier 1 Cloud Service Provider, MIS is a distributor of all the Microsoft Office solutions available on the open market.

Specific, Effective, and Affordable

Through expertise and practical application methodologies, our team develops specific, highly effective, and affordable custom Microsoft Office options for all interested clientele.

The Microsoft Office 365 Difference

Business owners can take advantage of well-rounded business solutions at a percentage of the price offered by other bundled systems.  With 365, you ensure total remote access AND mobile support for yourself and  your team, allowing connection to multiple computers and users - hassle-free. 

Office 365 Business      Office 365 Business      Office 365 Business 
                                                              Premium                             Essentials


Why buy Microsoft Office 365 from MIS?

Making a system change within an office environment can present various challenges. With MIS, you're provided the perfect agent to assist with the transition. No hours lost, no costly implentation errors. Safeguard your office with MIS as a trusted partner today!

  • Full-service setup and migration
  • Local support teams.
  • MIS Full Managed Office 365
  • Additional layer of external backup
  • Advanced email and security filtering protection
  • Unlimited technical support services included

Let Us Help You

MIS Technology Group specializes in the provision of high-quality, reliable, and affordable IT services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

See what we can do for your business. 
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