5 signs of a weak IT system

Don't let IT issues put the brakes on your business's growth. If you're drowning in any of these problems, it’s time to choose a different IT strategy.

By MIS Technology Group

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Running a business is like running a marathon; it's all about consistent effort. Just as a marathon runner needs the right exercise and nutrition, your business needs a long-term plan to succeed, especially if you aim to scale. To elevate your business, you'll need top-shelf IT support. Sadly, many businesses relegate IT to the back burner, treating it as a low-priority task... until it's too late.

Expanding your business requires strategy, and like most companies, you’d want to focus on reducing technical debt and modernizing your operations to maximize the time and energy spent on supporting business objectives. But how will you focus on profitability when more than half of your team spends time resolving IT issues instead of using strategic data to grow your business?

According to Accenture’s latest report, only 25% of organizations in the United States are using data and analytics to grow.

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Technology is advancing faster than ever, leaving businesses without a strong digital presence stranded. Speed, quality, delivery, and customer experience are as crucial as your product or services are. If these issues still haunt your business, it's high time to rethink your IT management.

Frequent data disasters

Is your business prepared to deal with data mishaps or exigencies like server crashes, power outages, human errors, hardware failures, and software expiry? Having a quick and easily reachable backup for your data becomes more important as your team grows and your business expands.

Bringing value out of data is impossible when you don’t have a plan B for securing it in the first place. In our fast-paced world, we need repeatable, easily distributable, innovative solutions to eliminate the downtime needed for recovery.


Chaotic data integration:

With different employees working on separate software in a team, it is incredibly difficult to integrate solutions and prevent duplication of work. Shifting work from one Onedrive folder to a Sharepoint channel or consolidating files from Google Drive to a different CRM can consume useful time, lead to errors, and drastically reduce productivity.

At MIS Technology Group, we believe that the right technology, properly implemented and managed, can result in significant gains in growth and efficiency.


Fishy data security:

Losing your data means losing your trade secrets, confidential communication, customer information, HR records, and business plans. With cyber attacks evolving over time and gaining more force, sophistication, and disguise, preventing such incidents is becoming increasingly difficult.

Securing your information on time is equivalent to securing your business and its progress. Read more about it here.


Frustrated team members:

Sloppy, rusty, and outdated systems reduce the efficiency of any workplace environment. For a resource to deliver high-quality outputs, they must have the right support at hand. We help build the right processes to build better in-house capabilities so you can achieve more with the same team simultaneously.

Flimsy personnel management:

If you're not careful, personnel management activities like asset management, off-boarding resources/vendors, and onboarding employees can carry a high degree of risk. Granting access to in-house data to a new employee or disabling access to an old vendor should always be an automated procedure to ensure 100% safety.

Our team members examine various aspects of your business and make process recommendations that best fit your company. Our vision is to give you sound technical advice so you can focus on your business and not worry about anything else.

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